Andrew Sakhrani

Vancouver & Sea to Sky
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Andrew Sakhrani

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English & French
Strength and Conditioning Specialist
Strength and conditioning/sports rehabilitation/Olympic lifting/athletic therapy/posturologist/sports nutrition
Vancouver & Sea to Sky
Vancouver, BC
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Andrew has attained his Bachelors in Exercise Science from Concordia University (Montreal) and his Masters of Kinesiology with concentrations in strength and conditioning and corrective orthopedic exercise rehabilitation from A.T. Still University (Mesa, Arizona). To further his own knowledge and abilities, Andrew has attained his Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist certification through the National Strength and Conditioning Association (NSCA-CSCS), as well as his FMS Level 1, Precision Nutrition level 1, and United States of America Olympic lifting (USAW L1). In addition, Andrew frequently attends conferences and additional certifications to have more knowledge and practical experience to supply to his clients.

Andrews experience in the health and fitness field has included work as a physiotherapy assistant in Montreal & Arizona, sport specific strength and conditioning coordinator for a variety of sports such as hockey, soccer, football, rugby, volleyball, track & field, speed skating, snowboarding, and alpine skiing, former graduate assistant strength and conditioning coach at Arizona State University, active rehabilitation kinesiologist for ICBC claims and musculoskeletal injuries, and personal training.  He also has the training to perform postural analysis, body composition, gait analysis, and injury assessments.  Andrews has stood by the training philosophy of building the body from the ground up and searching for all muscles that may have a weakness, impairment, or dysfunction and correcting the issue to prevent injury from occurring in the general population or the amateur and professional athlete.

Andrew will help you set goals for yourself and achieve them safely and effectively with weekly and monthly progress reports. Andrew will find as many asymmetries in the body in hopes of making the body symmetrical and have each client that he trains living a full functional lifestyle.

Andrew is a former junior level hockey player that has enjoyed the athleticism nature of life and always enjoys a challenge.  On his spare time Andrew enjoys reading research articles based on strength and conditioning, physiotherapy, rehab, and exercise science; cooking, going to the beach and reading a book, hiking, cycling, suspenseful movies, and do it yourself projects.