Ali Boudewyn

Vancouver Island - Central Coast
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Ali Boudewyn

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Athletic Therapist, Exercise Physiologist
Vancouver Island - Central Coast

Ali graduated with a Bachelor of Athletic and Exercise Therapy and certified as an Athletic Therapist in 2014. Ali is also a certified Exercise Physiologist, which is a high designation of personal training, allowing her to work with people who have health conditions that put them at risk when exercising.

With regard to sports, most of Ali’s experience is in lacrosse and gymnastics, but she has also spent considerable time with hockey, soccer, and rugby athletes. She has also volunteered as an Adapted Strength and Conditioning Coach for people who have physical disabilities.

While Ali has a strong athletic background, she is incredibly passionate about chronic pain and helping those who are currently inactive. She has designed and continues to teach group rehab classes specified for chronic pain, older adults, and back and knee injuries. She personal trains one-on-one and for pairs as well!

Ali’s Athletic Therapy practice utilizes education, manual therapy (i.e. joint mobilizations, massage), exercise prescription, and various therapeutic modalities. Ali’s goal is to have her patients feel heard, understand the nature of their injury, and return them to what they love as soon as safely possible.

“It is most important to me to invest in each individual patient, providing each person with tremendous care, understanding and support through each step of their rehabilitation. I am a personable one-on-one therapist; each person deserves to have my undivided attention.”