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Trevor Hale

Doctor of Sport Psychology
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Mental Performance Consultant
Performance Enhancement, Competition Preparation, Anxiety management, Motivation, Injury rehabilitation, Coach Support

Trevor Hale has recently moved back to Canada after an 8-year stay in Australia where he extended his education and professional development. Dr. Hale mentored athletes in sports as diverse as the iconic “Aussie “Rules football-the oldest and toughest code of football in the world, V8 supercars-Australia’s top level of motor sport, Yachting, Parachuting, and Triathlon. As one of Australia’s premier sport psychologists, Dr. Hale worked with Professional, Olympic, Commonwealth games, age-group, and recreational athletes alike. Trevor has now moved back to the North Shore, where he grew up and competed as an elite athlete in alpine skiing and triathlon. Trevor continues to compete and participate enthusiastically in a variety of sports and particularly enjoys high-risk sports where he gets to explore issues around fear, courage, and mental focus. Trevor is passionate about helping others find ways to excel in their chosen activity. His academic career spans Psychology, Human Movement Sciences, and Coaching; and, when combined with his personal and professional experiences in elite sports, uniquely positions him as a leading high performance mental coach.

Dr. Hale has launched Headfirst mental coaching and mentoring programs in Canada.

Cognitive (Psychological or Mental) and Emotional skills go hand in hand with the training required to perform at your best. This is true in business, school, sport, and ones personal life.  Mental skills are essential for maximizing sporting performance. With over a decade of experience Dr. Hale has found top performing athletes exhibit a majority of the following skills:


·      Activation control (Relaxation / psych up)

·      Attention control

·      Balance (sport / life)

·      Confidence & Drive to excel

·      Courage

·      Communication skills

·      Discipline & Responsibility / ownership of their performances

·      Evaluation

·      Enthusiasm

·      Focus Game / race / training

·      Goal setting

·      Imagery / visualization

·      Intensity

·      Monitoring (race / self / strategy)

·      Positive self-image

·      Routines

·      Self-belief

·      Self-talk (positive / negative)

·      Stress minimization



This is by no means an inclusive list. Taking time to talk with Dr. Hale 1:1 will help you to target your strengths and which of these skill need further development. Knowing your strengths and weaknesses is an essential first step in consistently performing at your best.

Regularly working on these skills, both separately and within the broader scope of your sport specific training, is an essential part of achieving your potential.

Headfirst mental coaching and mentoring programs are designed to bring out your maximum potential by first exploring, and understanding a variety of mental skills, and then by refining and knowing when and how to employ your mental tool kit in practice and competition.

In addition to working with you on developing the mental side of your peak performance Dr. Hale can also help with you psychotherapeutically on more clinically based issues such as:


  • Anger management
  • Anxiety / Panic
  • Career transitions
  • Communication
  • Chronic pain & pain management
  • Depression management
  • Drug and alcohol use
  • Eating disorders
  • Grief and loss
  • Personal conflict
  • Stress management
  • Work / life balance