Mike Burnside

Vancouver & Sea to Sky
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Mike Burnside

CSEP - Clinical Exercise Physiologist
Exercise Physiologist
Appraisal, Rehab Fitness and Performance Conditioning
Vancouver & Sea to Sky

I personally enjoy moving well--and discovering what has been an ongoing adventure in health and fitness--and sharing this with others. 

A former high performance gymnast and martial artist, I  especially know what awkwardness can feel like, having dealt with the sheer difficulty of gymnastics (no one just naturally becomes a skilled gymnast; often falling and looking clumsy when first learning). Presently, I am an active participant in outdoor pursuits and  running.  I also enjoy singing.

One of the most senior of CSEP's CEPs, along with my own private personal training and kinesiology services, which has varied clientele, I have worked in both cardiac rehab and physiotherapy settings with, WCB,  ICBC and private clients (including Hydrotherapy, essentially gentle customized exercise in a warm water pool).

My professional mission: To provide you with the best consulting and training to achieve a healthy lifestyle, including optimal work and play.

Mike Burnside, B.PHE (Kin), CSEP Certified Exercise Physiologist, Exercise is Medicine Canada--Level 2 

Phone 604.441.7348