Run Leaders - SportMedBC LearnToRun10K Fall Program

Contact Name: 
Jenny Soderman
My name is Jenny and I manage the InTraining programs at SportMedBC. Most recognized for our Sun Run InTraining clinics, we are now expanding our Learn-To-Run 10K programs to other times a year and will have two 13-week clinics starting up in North Vancouver in September. I’m looking for some excellent new Run Leaders for these clinics and wanted to reach out to see if you have anyone in your community who would be interested and a suitable leader? Please help me forward this information on and send any interest my way.
The details of the clinic locations and role description is found below.
Location: Level 10 Fitness, 890 Harbourside Dr, North Vancouver
Start Date: Sept 21st  2019 (for 13 weeks until Dec 14th)
Time: Saturdays @ 9:00am
Location: Parkgate Community Centre, North Vancouver
Start Date: Sept 18th  2019 (for 13 weeks until Dec 11th)
Time: Wednesdays @ 6:30pm
Roles and Responsibilities of Run Leader:
-          Leading and overseeing brief weekly pre-run education and discussion
-          Plan each session, research route and come prepared to lead the group
-          Actively lead and coach the Run/Walk session each week
-          Be the main contact for participants, community centre & SportMedBC during contract period
-          Keep track of attendance
-          Encourage the group to set a training goal at the end of clinic
Roles and Responsibilities of Run Assistant:
-          Support Run Leader in the coordination of the clinic and group
-          Take an active role and lead the group on the run together with the Run Leader
-          Be available to be contacted by group participants
-          Provide encouragement to participants to achieve their goals.
We are offering an honorarium for each of the roles:
Run Leader: $400 for the duration of the 13 weeks
Run Assistant: $250 for the duration of the 13 weeks
Note: These clinics will only run on a minimum of 15 participants.
Look forward to hearing from you!