Medical Team Leads - RBC GranFondo Whistler

Contact Name: 
Kathy Shahbaz
Saturday, September 7th
5:00am to 4:00pm | exact times TBC
Start Area - Stanley Park to Finish Area - Whistler 
Honorarium: $40/hr (PT, AT, Advanced Paramedic) or $100/hr (MD, CASEM)
Medical Team | Leads

SportMedBC is looking for four (4) Lead Medical Team Members. This group of qualified people will have the responsibility of overseeing a small group of volunteers and be apart of the advanced leadership medical team for the 2019 GranFondo Whistler.

As there are medical stations located along the course of the event, as well as in start and finish areas, we are recruiting lead medical positions to oversee a variety of locations and be a part of the on-site medical team in static first aid stations and/or on mobile first aid stations on motorcycle. Your specific role, exact schedule and location will be confirmed by the Medical Coordinator, once your qualifications are established. 

Preferred qualifications for this position include: Certified Athletic Therapists, Certificate or Diploma holder in Sport Physiotherapy, Advanced paramedics and Sport Medicine Physician. Documentation of qualifications may be requested.

If you are interested in any of these opportunities, please contact: 

  1. Kathy Shahbaz, SportMedSafety & Event Services Coordinator | | 604.294.3050 ext 101
  1. Philippe Saucier, Manager, SportMedSafety & Events Services | | 604.294.3050 ext 104