2019 Vancouver Sun Run InTraining - Volunteer Leaders

Contact Name: 
Stefanie Bissett

Are you an experienced runner or walking with a passion for helping others achieve their goals? SportMedBC is looking for Volunteer Leaders to help with the 2019 Vancouver Sun Run InTraining Program at various locations across the Lower Mainland.


InTraining Program Information

SportMedBC is in its 24th year of coordinating the13-week, 10 km InTraining Program for walkers & runners throughout the province of BC. Our goal is to provide motivation through a graduated program in which participants will safely and comfortably take part in the 2019 Vancouver Sun Run on Sunday April 14, 2019. The first session for all InTraining clinics will commence during the week of January 12th – 18th, 2019

The InTraining program includes micro and macro-cycles to incorporate gradual, incremental training-load progressions and recovery sessions throughout the 13 weeks. This proven method of training is supported by industry professionals and leading sport medicine practitioners. The focus is to have clinic participants gradually increase their training over a 13-week period, in order to avoid injury and give the body time to adapt to the stress of running or walking. Participants meet once per week with their group, and will be expected to train on two additional days throughout the week.

Vancouver Sun Run InTraining offers five programs designed to suit the needs of all fitness levels: Walk10K, NordicWalk10K, LearnToRun10K, Run10K, and Run10KStronger


Volunteer Position Description

We are seeking active, enthusiastic individuals who have a passion for running and/or walking. Volunteer Leaders share an interest in fitness & health, and understand the challenges of starting a new exercise program. Leaders should already be partaking in regular physical activity, and possess the ability to motivate others to follow their InTraining program schedule.

- Volunteers are required to committ to attending the majority of their designated clinic sessions: Once per week, between January 12th - April 12th, 2019

- Prior group running/walking or coaching experience would be beneficial

- First-Aid/CPR training would be an asset

- Any practitioner designation or certifcation (i.e. Certified Fitness Professional, Physiotherapist, NCCP-Certified Coach, etc...) would be an asset

In appreciation for their time, volunteers will receive one (1) non-transferable entry to the 2019 Vancouver Sun Run, exclusive Leader gear, sponsor product giveaways, prizes, and more!



If you are interested in applying for a volunteer position, please complete the following application by NOVEMBER 15, 2019https://goo.gl/forms/pBvk7lFH70u4e4Yy2 

Please contact SportMedBC's RunWalk Manager, Stefanie Bissett, for more information: RunWalk.Manager@SportMedBC.com