Olympic polyclinic covers world’s best athletes at Vancouver 2010

Vancouver 2010’s Polyclinic sports medical team includes the best practitioners in the country.

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Pamela Fayerman in today’s Vancouver Sun writes on Vancouver’s Polyclinic which includes several members of the SportMedBC Network of practitioners:

The Olympic polyclinics are the envy of all who use or work in them and should serve as a Games legacy health system model, says Lynda Cannell, chief executive officer of SportMedBC.

Cannell, who is volunteering at the clinic in an administrative and triage role, credits Dr. Jack Taunton, chief medical officer of the 2010 Olympics, for assembling the finest health provider team in the world in two, 10,000-square-foot (temporary) facilities in Vancouver and Whistler.

Athletes and others in the “Olympic family” can access every kind of head-to-toe health service imaginable, including radiology, dental, vision care, labs and pharmacies.

The fact that all services are under one roof means that care is integrated and health providers can share information and learn from one another. An orthopedic specialist, for example, can see what exercises a physiotherapist is recommending to a patient.

“Dr. Taunton is the father or grandfather of sports medicine in B.C. and Canada,” she said, adding: “Vanoc formed a sport-medical team comprised of the very best practitioners in the country, many of whom are residents and products of British Columbia. From Dr. Taunton on down, it’s a reminder of one of our best-kept secrets — that many of the best people in sport medicine and science are right here in B.C.”

Read the full article right here.

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