Nutrition Programming Lacking for Canadian Ski Jumpers?

Celery and cigarettes? Where has Ski Jumping Canada’s chairman been for the past few years?? An article in today’s Province newspaper titled “Canadian Ski Jump Officials Say Team Too Fat” raises some eyebrows as the 2010 Winter Games are so quickly approaching. Fortunately for the athletes, smoking is not being “openly” encouraged by the national association as a weight loss method like celery is but why are program administrators only now sending their athletes to see the dietitians at the Canadian Sport Centre – Calgary? says Lynda Cannell, SportMedBC’s President and CEO.  

Sound sports nutrition programs have long been available through the Canadian Sport Centre network, SportMedBC and a host of sport dietitians in private practice across the country. It is unfathomable that athletes in the final stages of preparation for the Vancouver 2010 Olympic Games are still needing to lose weight and have yet to work closely with dietitians to address their situation.

Sit back….find a stalk….and take a drag? How about developing and executing a proper athlete development plan that includes an integrated nutrition program right from the start?


Lynda Cannell 

President & CEO


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