The Olympic Village Polyclinic is staffed by two hundred doctors and more than 400 other medical personnel from 41 local hospitals. A wide range of services is available including emergency care, internal medicine, dental, psychological, physiotherapy, massage therapy and traditional Chinese medicine.
Excellent piece in the New York Times that looks at the sport technology innovations from Speedo’s LZR Racer to training techniques to the actual design of the Olympic Pool as swimming records continue to fall in the Beijing Games. As swimming becomes more popular, it attracts better athletes, who often stay in the sport
It's a sunny day here in Beijing and 33 degrees. Believe it or not, I did see some blue sky amongst the foggy haze over the city. The temperature was not unbearably hot or humid. My flight from Singapore was pleasant. The airport arrival was uneventful.
“I’ve said that we could expect between 30 and 40 positive cases [during the Games],” said International Olympic Committee president Jacques Rogge.
Ed Willes in this mornings' Province details the inspirational story of Victoria resident and Canadian Men's Lightweight Four rowing coach Bent Jensen as he battles cancer and cheers on his team in Beijing. "He wanted to be here and the team wanted him here," said
The clash between the Yao Ming led Chinese Basketball Team and the Kobe Bryant led US Team brought out George Bush and his entourage.
Dr. Mike Wilkinson, Sports Physician and a member of SportMedBC’s Board of Directors is in Beijing working with the Rowers. Below are Dr.
The UK's TimesOnline provides some insights into the training techniques and sport science behind China's athletes getting so good, so quickly on the Olympic stage. China's ascent to global sporting success is a remarkable story.
This morning's Province has an article on Beijing's smog and whether it will be more challenging for Olympic athletes to compete in. Dr. Don McKenzie (a physician and physiologist from UBC over working with the canoe/kayakers) believes the longer an athlete is there the tougher it will be for them.
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