The Vancouver Sun's Jeff Lee wrote Monday on General Electric's LOGIQ ultrasound machines in use in Beijing today. Dr. Jack Taunton began using the LOGIQ machines in 2006 and plans to have them as part of VANOC's medical repetoire during the 2010 Games - not just for athletes but for Games workers as well.
Well, I have just arrived home after deciding my family and clinic need me more than hanging around Beijing for another week. The Games were different for our team (women’s soccer) since we were in three different cities: Beijing, Tianjin, and Shanghai. We also spent 10 days in Singapore prior to arriving in Beijing.
One of the most written about aspects of the Beijing Games has been Speedo's latest swimsuit innovations the Fastskin LZR Racer. The Globe and Mail's piece chimes in: "Commentators can't stop talking about its effectiveness. Its detractors accuse it of cheating.
The Times Online in the UK has a report in which common baking soda is examined as a performance enhancing substance and it's entirely legal.
The last day of rowing was amazing with the tremendous help by the medical support team headed by Dr. Mike Wilkinson. I worked there 3 days and then headed over to Field Hockey where I saw a great game between Great Britain and Canada that unfortunately saw Great Britain tie it up in the last three minutes.
Yesterday was a day that could only come once in a lifetime. As the physiotherapist with the Canadian National Wrestling Team at the Beijing Olympics, I had the privilege of being there for yesterday's gold and bronze medal performances by our 48 and 55 kg female wrestlers, Carol Huynh and Tonya Verbeek. For any of you
Our Medical Team for Track and Field and the Canadian medical team as a whole is one which embraces the concept of the integrated health care model.
We've heard from our Wilbour Kelsick who is working as a dedicated chiropractor with Canada's Athletics team. Now from the CBC here is a quick overview of who has the best shot a making the podium as the Athletics events get underway: "Two medals was Athletics Canada's goal. Two months ago that seemed reasonable.
While Canadians wait impatiently to see just one of our athletes get on a podium in Beijing, the host nation is very familiar with hearing their national anthem played in the Olympic venues - even for sports where China has not traditionally been strong and wins weren't predicted or even expected by the athletes themselve