Cam Cole has an excellent article titled "Time To Show We Care" in today's Vancouver Sun which looks into just how much funding our amateur sport athletes receive versus other countries. Doesn't it strike anyone up there at that COC head table, as the organization does its post-Games post-mortem news conference, how
For those of us who have experienced thunder storms, or I should say Caribbean thunder storms, you know that Lighting never comes in one bolt. Don’t fool yourself; there will be many more “Lighting Bolts” coming out of Jamaica.
It’s 5:30 am and I am awake. I guess I had enough sleep. My mind is partaking in a few Olympic events – wondering, analysing, comparing previous Olympic venues with Beijing.
37 world records and counting.
Just in from long period in the Doping Control Station at the Mountain Biking venue. It has been very hot and humid and a number of riders have succumbed to the heat. A leading Swiss rider collapsed with heat stroke and was taken to the Village Polyclinic.
The “Jamaican Olympics” that what my 280lb therapist friend with hands of steel said to me a few days ago. And yes, he is referring to the great successes that the Jamaican team is having in track and field.
We are family....all the practitioners and me..hey you all remember that sound from the 80’s song by Sister Sledge. This tune suits the vibe here at the Olympics. Yes, I am talking about the Olympic family.
The Globe and Mail's Rod Mickleburgh reports from Beijing that VANOC is looking at some new technology to help speed up treatment of athletes during Vancouver's Games. Chief VANOC medical officer Jack Taunton, who is in Beijing to help supervise medical care and anti-doping measures at the Olympics, said technology n
Now that the wrestling competition has wrapped up for this Olympics, I am moving onto the next phase of my Olympic experience: life in the Olympic Village. I officially moved into the Village yesterday, although my access to the village began several days ago. Between now and August 25th, I will spend time daily in th
While these Beijing Games may have marked the general public's wide awareness of Speedo's LZR Racer swiwsuit the NY Times has noted it has also put a little know athletic tape brand Kinesio on the global stage as well - thanks in part to Canada's Greco Roman wrestler Ari Taub. "...the company simply donated 50,000 ro