Another day, another cooker in Beijing. Now I know why people carry umbrellas here - it is so hot you need shade even if you hav e to carry it! Canada is racking up the medals and sits about 9th.
In today's Vancouver Sun Jeff Lee details the slow-to-come changes in the way the media covers the Paralympics and what we can expect for 2010 Paralympic coverage in Vancouver. Erik Lundin has been covering the Paralympics since the 1996 Games in Atlanta.
And the sun has returned with a vengence - blazing hot and not a cloud in the sky! Athletics had the morning off so I went with the staff to the Great Wall!
Well, today is the last day at rowing. It's hard to believe!! Here we are at the finals... Tuesday was not a great day at Shinyu for the Canadians. It was a miserable day weather-wise. Very smoggy, grey and wet. The worst day so far out there and it was our first competition day!
The controversy over the crash-marred race where Canada's Diane Roy had her gold medal win overturned has not stifled her spirit to compete. Gary Kingston's article in today's Vancouver Sun has Diane's thoughts on the incident: "I talk with a lot of athletes, coaches and people with experience and [they say] it's th
So the weather is not all that great again, with rain in the night. Clouds since this morning, with a light misty rain falling off and on. It is still hot though, so not that bad.
Check out Deanna's photo galle
Sept 9 It feels like ages since I last wrote. The morning after the Opening Ceremonies (Sept 7) you could already feel the energy pick up around here. The Village is abuzz with activity...
Judy Illes has an interesting look into the neuroscience aspects of sports in Today's Vancouver Sun: The intersection of science, technology, and human life creates new and interesting human possibilities.