Among's list of Canada's top 10 Paralympic prospects for Beijing is Victoria swimmer and long time National team member Stephanie Dixon: Stephanie Dixon (Swimming): Dixon is one of the most decorated Canadian athletes ever to compete at the Paralympic Games.
The Province's Kent Gilchrist continues his profiles of BC Paralympians today focusing on swimmer Donovan Tildesley who will compete in 5 different events in Beijing. Donovan Tildesley swims like it's a full-contact sport. You've heard of athletes who are so intense they are described as "sweating blood"?
Yesterday went pretty much according to plan. We went off to the "silk market" which says "Pearl Market" on the outside just to ensure confusion amoung the foreigners.
The Province's Kent Gilchrist took a look at Misty Thomas in today's paper: Misty Thomas expects the Beijing Paralympics basketball tournament to be the biggest, best and most hard-fought event in which she will have ever participated.
Well the blue skies continue! We've been very lucky. The Village has really filled up these past few days. All the Canadians are here now, so it's great to see all the athletes and activity. On Sunday we had a quiet day in the medical clinic so a few of us took an impromtu tour.
The sun is shining once again over Beijing. Apparently the winds are from the north so it blows the polution away (most of the factories are in the south). Whatever the reason, it makes it quite amazing for us here now! Things are getting busier, as expected.
Paige Larson a North Van Physiotherapist with Team Canada writes on some of the first Beijing experiences as the countdown to the Opening of the Paralympics continues: The weather continues to be stellar and the skies remain clear of smog! The temperature today must have been high because it was cooking in the sun!
This is the first blog from Deanna Schick, an Athletic Therapist from Langley who is with Team Canada in Beijing: After a long flight some of our delegation has arrived in Beijing. A group of about 20 of us flew from Vancouver. The Paralympic Village just opened yesterday, so teams are just starting to arrive.
The Beijing Blog now focuses attention on the Paralympics which is about to get underway on September 6th. Team Canada consists of 150 athletes and 130 team officials (coaches, team leaders, mission staff and medical/paramedical practitioners), one of Canada’s largest Paralympic teams.