So the weather is not all that great again, with rain in the night. Clouds since this morning, with a light misty rain falling off and on. It is still hot though, so not that bad.
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Sept 9 It feels like ages since I last wrote. The morning after the Opening Ceremonies (Sept 7) you could already feel the energy pick up around here. The Village is abuzz with activity...
Judy Illes has an interesting look into the neuroscience aspects of sports in Today's Vancouver Sun: The intersection of science, technology, and human life creates new and interesting human possibilities.
SportMedBC's Misty Thomas is playing for Canada's Wheelchair Basketball Team: Below is a description of their opening game. Canada Routs Netherlands to Open Beijing Paralympics
Athletics has begun! Canada had 2 out of 3 athletes advance to semi-finals at the track this morning. The schedule is basically at the track in the morning 9 to noon, a break from then until 5 and continue on until 9 or 10.
RAIN - yes, it rained last night and this morning. Not only rain, but thunder and lightening!! It woke most of us up in the night and continued on until mid-morning. No rowing due to the lightening! They gave out rain jacket poncho things to everyone, so we were ok.
I've been sitting here pondering how I will write about the Opening Ceremonies... It's not easy putting it to words. I've been involved in other games before and I have marched for my country, but I am a rookie at the Paralympics.
In a piece in the NY Times, Alan Schwarz look at Paralympian Tony Iniguez who is competing for the US in Beijing and also suing the USOC for discrimination over how it provides less equitable funding for disabled athletes than for their able bodied counterparts.