Tilman von der Linde Blogs on Winter Running Techniques

Tilman von der Linde Blogs on Winter Running Techniques

The calendar may say it is February but it is still winter and the cold weather is going to be here for a while longer.

Although winter is the perfect time to build a strong running foundation it is also hard on the body. The cold air can stress the throat and lungs. It will also drain your strength and fatigue will set in faster than it does in the summer months. Your heart rate will increase at a faster pace than normal and your body will also expend extra energy to keep you warm.

If you run all year round, winter is the time to reduce the level of training intensity, time, distance and frequency out on the road. Incorporating other training methods such as swimming, aqua-jogging and spinning into your training program will reduce the stress on the body and will help maintain or even improve your level of fitness, your foundation of strength and endurance.

For people just starting out and a few weeks into the Sun Run training program, the best way to stay fit and on track is to be mindful of dressing for the conditions and prevent cooling out during the training sessions. Some runners may want to push themselves and if that is the case, then gradually increase your intensity and distance at a rate of 10% per week. The weather will improve and so will you.

Tilman von der Linde, RMT.

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