Lynn Kanuka Blogs on Orthotics & Technical Shoes

Lynn Kanuka Blogs on Orthotics & Technical Shoes

Just a quick comment gang -

Various foot support inserts and orthotics can be a wonderful saviour for those of us with various feet or body ailments - I myself have fallen arches and a leg length difference, so have worn orthotics for over 25 years.  My comment here is that at one time I ended up injured as a result of wearing my orthotics in a pair of shoes that were designed to do exactly what my orthotics were doing:  supporting fallen arches... What happened is that I was over-corrected and wound up with a knee problem which only righted itself after I purchased a more neutral pair of shoes.  (It did take several weeks to get better, but I'd thought my new orthotics were the problem -  not the model of shoes I'd always worn!)

Most shoes do lose their shock absorption after 500 miles of running, OR after about 8 months if you are running regularly 3 times per week, OR if you are wearing your shoes walking every day for everything you do.  It's worth it to be well-supported.  So when you do head into a RunWalk store to buy yourself a new pair of shoes, do bring in those orthotics as well as your old pair of shoes, and make sure your RunWalk store technician is aware of the correction!


Take care,

Lynn Kanuka  Your SportMedBC RunWalk Coach

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