Larry Birckhead Blogs on Expectations

Larry Birckhead Blogs on Expectations

Larry says:


The best thing about the future is that it only comes one day at a time.

~ Abraham Lincoln


In these early days of training, it is helpful to clarify your expectations. My guess is that you took up this training program to finish the SunRun as opposed to making it through about 6 weeks of training and then calling it a day. Am I close?

So the dream is crossing the finish line in a blaze of glory and the mayor of your home town is there to measure you for a statue they will erect in the town square and schedule a local holiday. But by now, you are noticing that the reality of doing in the short term is catching up with the dream for the future.

There is an overwhelming body of evidence that says most newcomers to a new lifestyle, around 80%, are still not ready; are still ambivalent about really making the necessary changes. How might ambivalence show up in your SunRun preparation?

Are you beginning to think of the fuel value of what you are eating? Are you working out 3 times a week as the program suggests? Have you researched how any medication you are taking (can we include the 4 beers you had last night?) may impact your level of energy? Do you know the causes of your restless nights? Do you EVER sit still and just breathe? Even for 60 seconds?

When you are no longer ambivalent, when you are truly ready just like you were when you quit smoking or quit sugar or coffee, your world aligns behind your desire to sustain an active lifestyle. Ambivalence is off the table replaced by unswerving commitment not for the finish line but just for the next day, the next workout.


Larry Birckhead

Habit Shift Coach

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