News: February 2021

With the support from Sport BC, SportMedBC is offering free subsidized registrations to the 2021 Run 5K InTraining program to 40 eligible participants. As a not-for-profit society SportMedBC is committed providing an affordable program that helps participants reach their health, fitness and sport goals. The objective for this initiative is to eliminate economic, logistical, and social barriers for New Canadian Youth to participate in a structured run program, and provide the opportunity to meet and connect with people in thier communities. This initiative will be offered in partnership with...

ViaSport Step3

Step 3 of B.C.’s Restart plan is currently in effect. Read Proof of Vaccination requirements regarding access to some events, services and businesses as of September 13, for the most current information.

Interior Health and Northern Health regions are subject to the additional measures detailed on the B.C. government's province-wide restrictions pageInterior Health's news page, and Northern Health news pageContinue to work with your Provincial Sport Organization for current and sport-specific information.