Nadine Plotnikoff on life in the Olympic Village


Now that the wrestling competition has wrapped up for this Olympics, I am moving onto the next phase of my Olympic experience:  life in the Olympic Village.
I officially moved into the Village yesterday, although my access to the village began several days ago.  Between now and August 25th, I will spend time daily in the Canadian Health Care Team’s Medical Clinic (being available for treatment for Canadian athletes), taking in “Village life” and being a part of the Closing Ceremonies. 
The Olympic Village is beautiful – modern, attractive apartment blocks and beautiful landscaping throughout the grounds.  As expected, the international flair is evident, with large flags identifying each country’s apartment towers hanging, often, for half the height of the building.  There are many state-of-the-art amenities and services, entertainment and technology-wise, to Village residents, which I hope to get a look at, too.
Although cafeteria eating does eventually get tiresome, I think there’s a really wide selection of international, Asian and Mediterranean cuisines with accompanying vegetable and fruit salad bars, bread and dessert areas.  Of course, an Olympic Village wouldn’t be complete with Macdonald’s when one needs that quick fast food fix.
Now that I am in the Village, I am looking forward to spending time with my colleagues on the Canadian Health Care Team, a combination of old friends and new friends.
Well, I must run.  More from Beijing another time…

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