What’s Next After InTraining 2020?



Woo Hoooo – You did it!  Be proud of yourself, and remind yourself how great it feels to be active. You have worked too hard these last 13 weeks to let that fitness go, so resolve to remain active if not every day then at least 3 times a week as you did for this program and consider trying new activities along with your running and walking.   In our current pandemic situation with all the restrictions you can think about getting out there on a bike, and you can also source all kinds of movement options online… yoga, pilates, Zumba, body strength circuits, stretching, any kind of dance form. It’s fun, the variety will reduce injury and keep you motivated and you’ll be stronger for it in your RunWalk program. You now know that if you set your mind to something, you can do it!

Smiles, Coach Lynn


Continuing with your RunWalk program:

  1. Simply repeat the program. Your starting point now is completely different so that you will solidify and improve your fitness and confidence by repeating the program. 
  2. Choose another program option:  Walk 10K graduates can try LearnToRun.  LearnToRun can try Run10K, and Run10K can try Run10KStronger. Run10K Stronger can consider trying our online option for Half Marathon if there is desire to progress to the Half Marathon distance.
  3. Choose a maintenance program as follows:

Walk10K Graduates

You can either repeat the program as suggested, or take a break from the change-of-pace intervals and follow this basic maintenance program:

Week 1:  Day 1:   30 min. walk      Day 2:   60 min. walk       Day 3:  80 min. walk

Week 2:  Day 1:   20 min. walk      Day 2:   40 min. walk       Day 3:  60 min. walk

If you would like to LearnToRun, you’re now ready to try the LearnToRun10K Program.

LearnToRun Graduates

You can either repeat the program OR try the Run10K Program, even if you have no inclination to run faster at all!  Simply follow the workouts and keep the pace comfortable.  The rest will take care of itself.

Otherwise choose this steady maintenance program outlined below and runwalk as you feel.  If, at times, you feel like walking, then please do so.   Use combinations of “4-and-1’s” or “9-and-1’s” as you feel.  

Week 1:  Day 1:  20 min.   Day 2:  40 min.   Day 3:   50-60 min.

Week 2:  Day 1:  20 min.  Day 2:  30 min.   Day 3:   40 min.

Run10K and Run10KStronger Graduates

You can repeat these programs over and over again as you feel because they are cyclical. You will improve by either becoming faster or more efficient and comfortable.

If you have begun to wonder what it might be like to prepare for running longer distances, then consider our Half Marathon program.

If you would like to take a break from the change-of-pace intervals, you could simply try repeating the following basic maintenance program until you feel you’d like intervals again:

Week 1:   Day 1:  30-40 min.    Day 2:   40-50 min.    Day 3:    60-70 min.

Week 2:   Day 1:  20-30 min.    Day 2:   30-40 min.    Day 3:    40-50 min.     


Stay tuned for more clinic options in the fall. And once we return to being able to host events again, you can always check the following websites for Running Event Info to set new goals: 


www.bcathletics.org BC Athletics website provides a detailed calendar of 

running events across the province.  


www.vira.bc.ca Vancouver Island Runners’ Association is a great resource for runners living on the Island. 


www.interiorrunning.ca The focus of the Interior Running Association (IRA) website is running events in the Okanagan.


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