2019 InTraining – Criminal Record Check – Sharing Form (COORDINATORS)


If you have completed a criminal record check through the Criminal Records Review Program (CRRP) in the last 5 years (WITH A DIFFERENT ORGANIZATION THAT IS NOT SPORTMEDBC) and wish to share the results for your position with SportMedBC – you have two options:

1. Online Submissions

i.  Access the CRRP online services at https://justice.gov.bc.ca/eCRC/

ii. Enter the following access code: DLUYBFY67F

iii. Select the “Share the result of a completed Criminal Record Check” option

 iv. Follow the instructions provided to you by the web form


2. Paper Submissions

i. Complete the PDF form (crr022) below 

– Complete the "Applicant Information" section

– Complete the first part of the "Organization Information" section

– Read & sign the bottom portion of the form

ii. Return the completed (scan/e-mail is acceptable) form to SportMedBC (RunWalk.Manager@gmail.com) by December 15th, 2018


Please let SportMedBC know if you have any questions.