10K-Half Marathon Program Phase 1; week 1-2-3

Phase 1: Weeks 1-2-3

The Two Rules of Perseverance:

Rule #1: Take one more step.

Rule #2: When you don’t think you can take one more step, refer to Rule #1.

-H. Jackson Brown, Jr. 



Persevere and stay consistent.  The half marathon is double the distance to the 10K. You’ll need to do the training 3 X each week, so pencil it in your planner like any other important meeting or function and resolve to stick to it!  Each completed training session brings you that much closer to achieving your goal!



Goals for Phase 1

  1. To re-establish your commitment to training.
  2. Finding your rhythm again.
  3. To understand your volume (amount of time running) will be increasing, and so will your fatigue factor.



How you might feel during this phase:

The initial feelings of excitement from your new goal may be overshadowed by the realization of the distance you will need to progress to cover safely and comfortably. Fatigue and the odd ache or pain and the fact that the demands of the program are not easy could seem overwhelming. You may even be feeling some soreness in muscles you forgot about.  These are normal feelings, and you need to resolve to make sure you complete all sessions and take care of yourself.  Now is the time to re-establish healthy habits like proper nutrition, hydration as well as making sure you have adequate sleep.  


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