Manchester United Send Rooney to Oregon to Continue Injury Recovery

Much-maligned Manchester United star Wayne Rooney has been sent by his club to Nike World in Beaverton, Oregon in hopes that the star forward can get out of the spotlight and focus on his ankle injury recovery.

Rooney has had a terrible start to his season, both on and off the pitch.

Difficulty scoring goals, ankle problems, allegations of marital infidelity, along with a very public contract battle with United has put Rooney in the headlines for all the wrong reasons.

The club certainly needs him in-form, soon, and it all begins with his conditioning stint in Oregon.

Manchester United assistant Manager Mike Phelan: “We have to get Wayne refocused and get him back on the job in hand, which is playing football for Manchester United. So what we intend to do is to send him to Nike’s facility in America for a week’s conditioning training.

We decided with Wayne, with our medical team and our management and coaching team, that it would be best. It’s a week of intensive conditioning, supervised by our medical team and sport science department. If it goes according to plan, he will be available when he returns.

Wayne has had a lot of attention lately, so this will give him the best opportunity to be in good shape when he returns. The idea was based on a number of things. Change of scenery, the opportunity to use all the facilities there, and also just to take him out of the spotlight a little bit and get him concentrated.”

We’re confident that the ankle injury has improved sufficiently enough to put him through a conditioning period and that is what we intend to do over the next seven days.”

Inside Nike World…

The company’s global headquarters, Nike World is a 190-acre campus which caters to a number of sports.

A swimming pool, tennis, squash, basketball and beach volleyball courts are all on site. Add a putting green, football / soccer pitches, a climbing wall and an athletics track. There’s also a wide variety of weight-training facilities and an indoor gym.  

A focus at Nike World is its endurance training program called SPARQ. Speed, Power, Agility, Reactions and Quickness is used to get injured or semi-professional athletes up to elite fitness level. 

SPARQ training uses a sport-specific measurement to rate players’ fitness based on their performance in five physical tests. The first is a vertical jump, the second a 20-metre sprint, the third and fourth are ‘arrowhead sprints’, which test speed and agility, while the fifth is a staggered run similar to the ‘beep test’.

Rooney’s training will be tailored to ease him back to full fitness. Details of the program are being kept quiet, but Rooney will be the first major athlete to undergo a full week of individual conditioning work at Nike World.

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