NEW Pilot Program Introducing SportMedBC’s Maintaining10K Program

So, you’ve finished the RunWalk program or maybe you recently completed a 10KM like the Sun Run and thought to yourself… “Now what?” Look no further than the new Maintaining10K pilot program! Designed to uphold your 10K achievements, this six-week program offers three tailored levels to suit various fitness levels. Let’s explore what this exciting initiative has to offer and how you can continue your running adventure with the support of a like-minded community.

Continuing the Journey: Introducing Maintaining10K

If that paragraph above sounds like you, congratulations on completing the 10K distance! Your running journey doesn’t have to end there. Feedback over the years has led us to this point, that people just want to keep moving and having their weekly meets with the other clinic participants helped keep them accountable. Many participants actually found themselves sad that this group they just spent the last 13 weeks with has now disbanded.

Enter the Maintaining10K program, a new initiative aimed at helping you sustain your achievements and continue progressing in your fitness journey. Whether you’re looking to maintain your current fitness level or push your boundaries further, Maintaining10K has something to offer everyone who’s ready to embrace the next chapter of their running adventure.

Maintaining10K is a six-week program that builds on the success of the RunWalk 10K program. It’s designed to keep your endurance alive and your 10K distance within reach through a variety of engaging training sessions. This doesn’t mean that you’ll be running 10KM every session, however, just enough to keep that distance within reach. The program offers three distinct levels:

1. MaintainWalk10K: Ideal for graduates of the RunWalk Walk10K program that are comfortable with a 40-minute walk three times a week.

2. Maintain RunWalk: Combining LearnToRun/Run10K for the ultimate RunWalk intervals for a balanced running experience.

3. MaintainRunStrong: For those who want to run continuously without walk intervals.

Please note that not all programs are offered at every location. Please ensure that you have reviewed your desired location in its entirety to ensure the level you want is available at your desired location before registering.

Key Features:

– Structured Training: Weekly guided sessions led by SportMedBC-trained instructors.

– Tailored Programs: Choose the level that matches your fitness and goals.

– Community Support: Stay connected with your run family for motivation and encouragement.

– Professional Advice: Receive weekly tips from SportMedBC experts on nutrition and training.

SportMedBC’s Pilot program Maintaining10K program is the perfect continuation of your running achievements. Whether you’re a recent RunWalk 10K graduate or looking to enhance your running abilities, this program offers a supportive environment to keep you motivated and moving forward.

Join us in this exciting new chapter of your fitness journey and experience the thrill of sustained running success! Maintaining10K will start May 4th and run until June 14th.


  • OPERATION DATE: May 4th – June 13th
  • PRICE: $55 + tax
  • AGE RESTRICTION: participants must be 18 +

Group sessions are not conducive to brining your dog or your child. Baby joggers and animals are not permitted during scheduled clinic sessions, except for BC-certified guide or service dogs.

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