Lynn Kanuka visits Bella Coola

This year, I had the privilege of travelling to Bella Coola for their 2nd Annual Bella Coola 5K/10K Fun Run (I opted out of the 50,000 plus sea of people in Vancouver for the first time in 27 years).

It was a fantastic morning! From Myrna and her two dogs who had to start earlier than the rest, to Matt who blitzed the course on his own in 42 minutes. Dana proudly wore the New Balance shoes she’d won because she never missed a training session all winter, and there were young mothers pushing their baby joggers.

11-year-old Leland, a talented young athlete with an incredible stride tried valiantly to race his teacher. Gordie completed the event, and at almost 80 years of age, he still cross country skis and says there isn’t a logging road or trail he hasn’t been on anywhere in British Columbia! Can’t forget about Leanna – a lady well into her 60’s, who finished in grand style – Nordic walking with her ski poles and wearing Easter Egg earrings!

It was a wonderful event in Bella Coola, and everyone who attended had smiles. 45 participants along with the volunteers and supporters – more than twice as many as last year! 

Organizing your own event or supporting another local event nearby is super rewarding. The beautiful bike ride through the Bella Coola valley, a quiet paddle with ARW Leader Janice Kyle, even a quick hike up to the historic petro glyphs were all amazing.

Congratulations Bella Coola! And thumbs up to all of you around the province who had fun taking steps to better health.

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