Lynn Kanuka Blogs on Week 4 on Sun Run Training

Hi all…You are already one-third of the way to the Sun Run!

Week 4 is a well-earned nice easy Recovery Week!  That means there will be no increases in workload…volume and intensity are less than you have already completed, so you’ll enjoy a relaxed week of InTraining. Be confident and enjoy what you have already accomplished these last 4 weeks.

Recovery Week #4 works well for those of you that joined us in Week 2 or 3…

Because the workloads are less than in Weeks 1 and 2, this week will allow you to “catch up”, and be ready for the next climb beginning in Week 5.

It’s very important to understand that the program progresses (climbs) very carefully and gradually, with fluctuations in workload so that we are always building towards that 10K.  This includes rest and recovery sessions in between progressions.  Trust in the 13 successful years of InTraining – and don’t second guess what you are doing:  Stick with the program – no more and no less.

Lynn Kanuka – Your SportMedBC RunWalk Coach

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