Lynn Kanuka Blogs on Managing Aches & Pains

Hi gang,

You’re into Week 5 now of the SportMedBC Sun Run InTraining program, and in all programs you’ll be progressing and building towards that 10K distance.

Remember there is impact with every step you take when you walk or run:  Please take care to progress slowly, and be honest with what you may be feeling as your body adjusts to the progressions in your program.  It’s important to understand that what you experience is personal.  Everyone has a different analysis of what they experience with aches and pains, so consider analyzing your own discomforts with a Personal Injury Awareness Scale.

Personal Injury Awareness Scale:  On a scale of 1 to 10,   rate any little discomforts you may have according to where they fit on the scale, with “1” being very little awareness, and “10” being extreme discomfort.  A “2 or 3” is fine, but if the awareness begins to creep up higher, you may need to check your shoes, find a softer walk/run surface, or take some time off the legs and do some cross-training.

Staying injury free is the goal!


Lynn Kanuka- SportMedBC’s RunWalk Coach

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