Lynn Kanuka Blogs More Answers to Ankle & Shin Pain Questions

Hi Barb, (and anyone who is worried about their discomforts in response to the progressing SunRun program….)

*Consider going to a softer surface if possible, to help relieve some of the impact on those ankles, shins, and the rest of your body.  Trails and grass can be a wonderful relief.

*Do you experience that discomfort when you walk only AFTER you run.  Or are you in pain when you walk any other time you out walking, even doing errands etc.?

*In support of Timberley’s response, you can experience your discomfort during the walk portion rather than the run portion because your mind is not assimilating the discomfort during the run:  the time spent in contact with the ground is less.  Sometimes, although it sounds a bit odd, you don’t actually feel what was caused by the run until you slow down AFTER the run, walk, or even in full rest mode later on that night or the next day.

My advice is still to make sure you minimize impact by keeping your pace very slow during the run, short little stride with almost no knee lift, and quick little arm cadence.   Think of your run portion as a “shuffle”.   Then when you rest with the walk portion, your stride pattern should stretch out, with a nice wide heel-toe action, body upright, swinging those arms.

I would asses yourself according that Injury Discomfort Scale of 1-10, with 1 being very little discomfort, and 10 being huge discomfort.   If your discomfort persists and climbs beyond a 5-6 or higher, then you should stop the weight bearing activity, seek some medical help, and think about hitting the pool for a while, as was suggested.

Lynn Kanuka

SportMedBC’s RunWalk Coach

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