Looking at the Sunshine Coast

Down to our final two. Here’s Melanie Gibb‘s favourite run from the Sunshine Coast.

Like many leaders, I joined my first clinic as a participant. I had never run long distances before and I thought it would be a great way to socialize and achieve a new fitness goal. I enjoyed it so much, I volunteered to be a leader. A few years later, I became a clinic coordinator! I’ve been lucky enough to have my son and daughter participate in the clinics and also join me on race day. Being involved in the SunRun InTraining clinic has given me the opportunity to be active with my children, all the while promoting a healthy lifestyle in our household.

Living on the Sunshine Coast provides such a variety of running routes. There’s some by the beach, others through the forest, and even more through quiet suburbia. One of my favorite runs gives me a nice variety of terrain and scenery.

After a warm up, I begin by going up King Road. It’s beautiful here as you can often see ducks swimming in the ditch or waddling along and deer grazing at the farms. It’s slightly uphill all the way to Fitchett Road. Here, you turn onto Veterans Road – more uphill! That leads to Highway 101. Running along a dirt road parallel to the highway, you arrive in Gibsons.

This is the part of the run where you can get caught exercising by all your friends and co-workers as they drive by and wave. Next, a right turn to Mahan Trail. This is a beautiful run through the forest!

One final hill at the bottom of the trail and the run wraps up with a nice flat stretch going past the playground at Cedar Grove Elementary School. A nice, cool down walk finishes things off every time!

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