Let The Games Begin!

SportMedBC CEO Lynda Cannell takes you behind the scenes with our timely Vancouver Games Blog, an insider perspective on sport medicine and science headlines and talking points this month.

With Vancouver poised to host the world in just a few days, no group is more ready than Host Medical Services. Under the capable leadership of Chief Medical Officer Dr. Jack Taunton, Chief Therapist Rick Celebrini, and Director of Medical Services Dr. Mike Wilkinson, medical services for the Games was officially open for business on January 28th.

Vancouver Athlete Village Polyclinic
Vancouver Athlete Village Polyclinic

While the central core of the medical services operation is based out of the Polyclinics located in both the Vancouver and Whistler Athlete Villages, each practice and competition venue also has its own medical staff and set up that is geared up to look after not only the athletes, but the Olympic Family members as well as spectators. The media at the Trade and Convention Centre and Olympic Family members located throughout various hotels in the city also have their own dedicated medical support. The monumental task of setting this all up essentially begain more than four years ago when Dr. Taunton assumed his position with the Vancouver Organizing Committee (VANOC). Meticulously, plans were developed, partnerships were created, volunteers were recruited and trained, supplies were purchased or acquired through sponsorships and designated medical clinics for the villages and venues were created from the ground up. The overall result is beyond impressive.

As athletes from around the world begin to set up residence in the Vancouver and Whistler Villages, the Polyclinics in both locations are starting to get busy. Over the next few weeks, I will be taking a behind the scenes look at the various medical and performance service functions as well as profiling individual members of the SportMed Practitioner network who have joined the large team of medical service volunteers necessary to make it all happen. The Vancouver Games will set a high standard for the provision of medical services and everyone involved can’t wait for it to all officially get underway.

Let the Games begin!

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