Join Our FREE 60-Minute Interval Based Cycling Session

Fondo Clinics Coach Luke Ramsey is hosting a FREE 60-minute interval based video workout for riders this Tuesday. Please register ahead of time using the link below.


When: Tuesday 30 June 6:00AM PST

Where:  Online

What: Live Instructor led video class with a 10 minute warm up, a climbing set, a sprinting set, a positional set and a 5 minute spin down. We will focus on drilling different handlebar positions, seated and standing climbs and the feel of the bike under difference cadences.

What you need:

1. Tablet/phone/PC with a webcam and google meet installed on it (download the app or use Chrome on your PC/Mac). Ideally the video should be set such that I can see your hips up – I will be giving positional feedback during the session.

2. A stationary bike or a bike on a trainer – both of which have the ability to control the resistance.

3. A fan, a towel, hydration 4. Energy and enthusiasm! We will be using the RPE scale during the workout. This is a subjective scale – also called the Borg Scale. Read more about it here: https:// In summary though each set will have an attached RPE number – the lower the number the easier it should be, as the numbers get higher so does the effort. At 20 you need to channel your inner Jens Voigt! But more about that on the day…

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Its not too late to join the 2020 Fondo Clinics virtual training program. Register today and you will receive 12-weeks of training schedules and weekly coaching tips delivered to your inbox. 


About Coach Luke Ramsey


Coach Luke moved to Vancouver in 2018 after living in Ghana, South Korea, South Africa and Nigeria. He's favourite sports are anything that involves lactic acid and adrenaline – preferably both.


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