IPS and Team BC

SportMedBC is contracted by the provincial government to provide management services to their Integrated Performance System (IPS) in the areas of sport science and sport medicine. These services include:

  • Coordinating Sport Health programming for IPS and Team BC athletes (functional assessments, medical referrals, concussion management guidelines, etc.).
  • Developing a drug-free sport education plan for Team BC athletes.
  • Developing and disseminating pre-games advisories for Team BC on issues related to sport safety, travel and vaccination requirements, health advisories, etc.
  • Developing educational resources for Team BC coaches and athletes in topics such as injury prevention strategies, sport first aid treament protocols and return to play guidelines.
  • Taking on the role of Medical Manager for Team BC.
  • Working with Team BC athletes and coaches in the months leading up to a Games to ensure that their medical history information is up-to-date and that all necessary medical clearances have been attended to.