InTraining Recruitment

SportMedBC is seeking mature, active, and enthusiastic individuals to join our InTraining team.

We are currently accepting applications for the following:

2023 CycleFondo Season in partnership with the RBC GranFondo presented by Dilwari

Ride Mentors

Volunteer Leaders

2023 10KtoHalf-Marathon

Volunteer Leader

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We are also recruiting Volunteer Leaders for the 10K to Half Marathon Clinic. Continue reading to learn more or apply HERE

Who is SportMedBC?

SportMedBC is a professional, not for profit society comprised of over 700 sport medical and paramedical practitioners in BC. Our Multi-Sport Organization promotes leadership, public awareness, and education in sport medicine, sport science, and training. SportMedBC acts as a focal point for experts, applied expertise and programs. We serve the full continuum of British Columbians, spanning those oriented towards all levels of activity from Recreation to Fitness to Performance.

What is the InTraining program.

SportMedBC initiated the first 10K RunWalk program in 1996 in partnership with The Vancouver Sun as the InTraining program. As SportMedBC began to expand, adding multiple training programs to join the infamous RunWalk programs; the InTraining program was officially created.

Regarded as the best in class, the SMBC InTraining programs and services have been developed by Canada’s leading experts in Sport Medicine and built on the most advanced applied expertise in Sport Science. The result is a comprehensive, proven approach to Sport Training, spanning everything from injury prevention, injury treatment, health wellness, to sport nutrition. SportMedBC InTraining programming extends to all ages and levels of comfort.

What programs does SportMedBC offer in the InTraining program?

What roles are available within the InTraining Programs?

Clinic Mentors: SportMedBC would not exist without our passionate and dedicated Mentors who, as the program’s frontline person for the participants, ensure the delivery, overall “quality control” and consistency of the InTraining Program. Clinic Mentors  (program instructors) are assigned to each clinic location to supervise the implementation of the SportMedBC InTraining programs; each Mentor is knowledgeable in the areas of health, fitness, organization, and leadership, and is trained by SportMedBC to help clinic participants achieve their fitness goals. 

Clinic Mentors are often the people taking the photos, planning the routes and the biggest cheerleader in the group. This person is passionate about seeing participants accomplish goals and motivating them to push themselves to new levels!

Volunteer Leaders: This role is also crucial to the success of the InTraining programs, and we have some of the best volunteers in British Columbia. Volunteer leaders are available each week to assist the Clinic Mentor to motivate and share their passion with our participants. The Vounteer leaders have experience and are active within the sport and are expected to complete SportMedBC leaders training.

Volunteer leaders are the people who make sure that the groups stay together and that we loop (or regroup) to ensure that the programs are respectful of individual paces and goals.

COMMITMENT:   Clinic Mentors & Volunteer Leaders are expected to be committed to attending the programs for the full duration. A large part of the success of our programs is highly dependent upon having a reliable and dedicated team to lead our participants the through the full duration of the chosen program.  

FITNESS: Clinic Mentors & Volunteer Leaders are expected to be consistently exercising several times per week in the lead up to the InTraining clinics.

INJURY: Clinic Mentors & Volunteer Leaders are expected to be free from injury to maximize the attention they can pay to the clinic participants.

AGREEMENT: As a not-for-profit multi-sport organization that receives funding from the provincial government; SportMedBC is required to appropriately screen program applicants in accordance with the Criminal Records Review Act and Sport Safe.

EARN: Clinic Mentor will receive an honorarium, comprehensive training manual, access to exclusive training/education resources including SportMedBC Safety, Sports First Aid Training and more.

Volunteer Leaders receive an Everything Gift Card valued at $50 for their acts of service each season.

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Become a Ride Mentor

Become a Ride Volunteer Leader – Deadline May 31, 2023

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