Ingrown Toenails

Perhaps not the most glamorous injury, but ingrown toenails are easily one of the more common and painful foot problems around.

Also known as Onychocryptosis, there are a variety of ways an athlete could suffer from the problem. Excessive pressure on the outside of the great toe, stubbing or having a toe stepped on, tight socks and shoes, even improper trimming of your nails can cause ingrown toenails.

The pain isn’t easy to deal with, as a soccer player is usually always on their feet! With soccer being a dynamic sport of rapid acceleration and changes in direction, kicking a ball with an ingrown toenail can be incredibly painful. Soreness and sensitivity along the margins of the toenails may lead to infection (watery discharge, blood, pus). If infected, immediately visit a podiatrist.

If uninfected, treat the feet by soaking them in either salt or warm soapy water. Drying them thoroughly, applying a mild antiseptic solution, and bandaging the toe will make a difference.

However, if the athlete takes proper care of their feet, ingrown toenails can be certainly prevented.

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