I Completed The Vancouver Sun Run! Now What?

By Cristina Sutter

Congratulations! You finished The Vancouver Sun Run! What an amazing experience!

After a race, it’s perfectly natural to celebrate and take a well deserved break from our training and eating routine. However, many of us have an “All or Nothing” mentality with both our training and our diets. So after we have reached our goal, it can be hard to stick with the routine of eating well and training regularly and we may fall back into our old habits. 

To avoid this “All or Nothing” cycle, try setting a new goal to keep you on track. For your fitness, you can find a walk/run buddy who will meet you for a weekly hike through the trails. For your nutrition, you can set yourself up for success by planning your meals for the week and stocking up on groceries. Whatever your goal, make one change and stick with it. 

We are more likely to be successful if we write down our goals and keep a progress journal. There are some great nutrition and fitness apps that can help you monitor your progress. Rather than just tracking your calories, try a goal like:

·         Eat 3 fruit a day.

·         Have breakfast every day.

·         Pack my lunch for work.

·         Drink 2 litres of water every day.

·         Have an orange and green vegetable every day.   

We can ensure our success by planning ahead and anticipating challenges.

·         Have a slow cooker meal ready the night you know you will be working late.

·         Pack an extra snack the day you’ll be going for a jog after work.

·         Stock up on your favorite fresh fruits and vegetables so they are always an easy snack.

·         Have a breakfast made the night before if you are too rushed in the morning. 

·         Bring a healthy dish to share when going to a barbeque.

Finally, the single most helpful thing to help keep us on track is having a support person or group who knows just what to say to give us a push when we need it most. Whether it’s a running group, a gym buddy, or a spouse who can give you a gentle reminder, it can make a world of difference when life gets in the way of our goals.

Best wishes in reaching your health and fitness goals!

Cristina Sutter is a Private Practice Sport Dietitian at Optimal Performance Clinic in Vancouver. For more information, visit cristinasutter.ca.

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