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SportMedBC’s Lynn Kanuka joined the students and staff at C.E. Barry School in Hope in preparation for the upcoming Vancouver Sun Run. Kanuka gave a talk to the school at an assembly and then joined the Honour Your Health group for their 10k training session.

“The renowned runner was invited by Pauline Knapton, the school’s First Nations support worker. Knapton and teacher Kim Hollmann lead a family-centered run/walk club which is training each week for the upcoming Sun Run in Vancouver.Kanuka gave an inspirational talk to the whole school at an assembly, then she stuck around to join the running group on their 10k route after school.

Kanuka started running in high school, back in Regina, and she had quick success when she got involved in competitions. This led to a university scholarship at San Diego State University and placement on the Canadian national team. She has held every middle-distance record for Canadian women — and her 1500m record has stood since 1985.

At the Summer Olympics in Los Angeles in 1984, Kanuka took advantage of a collision between American Mary Decker and South African barefooter, Zola Budd in the 3000m final. Decker was knocked out of the race and Kanuka sneaked through for a Bronze medal. She also competed at Seoul Korea Games in 1988 and was a Gold and Bronze winner at the 1986 Commonwealth Games.

Her career in running has led to a job with SportMedBC, leading run/walk groups and training others to lead community groups.

“My job at SportMedBC is all about coaching people gently off couches and sedentary lifestyles into walking and/or running,” she says. ”I believe to walk or run is the simplest way to a fitness level that acts as a springboard to enable trying any or all kinds of activities. To be active is to relieve stress and find balance in all aspects of one’s life.”

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Photo: Barry Stewart / Hope Standard

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