Helmets Getting Knocked Off Concerns CFL

While two teams take undefeated records into week 4 of the Canadian Football League, safety discussions are stealing the headlines. In particular, helmet issues across the CFL are leaving league officials confused and concerned.

New, safer helmets appear to be anything but as numerous players across the league have had helmets dislodged in tackles. In a game last week between Winnipeg and Calgary, there were nine reported incidents of helmets flying off players heads.

SportMedBC Safety Coordinator Seb Hartell says head protection is essential, but functionality is just as important.

“The new helmets seem to be a bit bigger and they offer more padding, but it sounds like they do not fit as well as the older helmets. With all these helmets popping off, players are now reverting back to their old helmets, and those are viewed as being more “concussion friendly.”

“If helmets aren’t staying on, then players can’t do their job. Helmets not only protect players from direct blows from tackles, but also from contact with the playing surface. They simply can’t have design flaws. Any concerns or issues must be addressed immediately, or an athlete could suffer severe injury.” 

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Photo: Reuters

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