Green Timbers Urban Forest in Surrey

The final in our series of favourite runs and trails from some of our leaders. Here’s Beverly Umlas and her route in Surrey!

“My running journey began nine years ago when I joined the Sun Run InTraining program as a participant. The leaders from my first three years inspired me so much that when I became a leader, I knew that I wanted to give back to the program that had literally changed my life! 

Deciding to run the Vancouver Sun Run all those years ago has led to so many positive things in my life. Having a new outlook on fitness inspired me to try things I used to think were out of reach; 5K, 10K, half marathons! I even somehow convinced myself that it would be fun to try my first full marathon in San Francisco! The running is great, but it’s the wonderful people that keep me coming back every year!

One of my favourite runs is through the Green Timbers Urban Forest in Surrey. Escaping the concrete jungle, there is magic in the air upon entering this woodland calm. From the parking lot, we run along the Douglas Fir Trail. Intersecting with the Salal Trail, you can then make your way around the lake or cross 96th Avenue. With a multitude of meandering trails, the day’s stresses evaporate from your head. Circling the lake, you see clusters of families taking advantage of this peaceful oasis.

Green Timbers is one of those places where you can “choose your own adventure,” depending on how you feel and where your feet want to take you. The nature trails and pathways are great for recovery runs!”

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