Fueling the Young Athlete

Dana Lis, SportMedBC’s Registered Dietitian is half-way through presenting a series of public workshops on “Fueling the Young Athlete”. So often this information is difficult to obtain for the general population – no matter how many books you read, or how many nutrition websites you check out – there is nothing like hearing it from a professional.

Essential for coaches, parents and youth players, these workshops are being held at the North Shore Winter Club, and are designed for the active family. The workshops cover topics such as Healthy Weight Gain, Optimal Hydration intake and Fueling your young athlete for performance. The response so far has been great, with attendees commenting on the usefulness of having this information specifically targeted to youth, and appreciative of the real-life recommendations that Dana has been able to provide.

Check out the schedule here and come along to have your nutrition questions answered!

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