Former Hockey Player Aims to Support Athletes’ Mental Performance

In this article, Kris Beech, President & CEO of AIM Mind Training, introduces their new student-athlete community that helps users better understand who they are, what they want, and how to approach life with a mindset suited for success, happiness and well-being.

I am so excited and appreciate the opportunity to write this short presentation on "Aim Mind Training Inc." for the members of SportMedBC.
As a former professional hockey player of 15 years, I was fortunate to access the best performance and health professionals wherever I played. After retiring, I dreamt of creating a platform that harnessed that privilege, making it accessible to all athletes and their support network.
To facilitate my dream, I have established "Aim Mind Training Inc." as an online performance and health infrastructure. It provides coaching, mentoring and health services to athletes of all ages and levels such as student, elite amateur, and professional athlete communities and their respected support system. Our leading-edge technology is a quantum leap with the capacity for big data analysis & storage and data security under GDPR. Our user analytics engines personalize the services provided to meet each individual's specific needs and requirements. Confidentiality and personal information protection take precedence over any other features in the "Aim Mind Training Inc." infrastructure.
It takes multiple professionals to maximize human potential. The "Aim Mind Training Inc" infrastructure is designed to achieve collaboration amongst athletes, their families, mentors, coaches and health professionals. To confirm our proposed infrastructure and accomplish our goal, we have interviewed and met mentors, athletes, coaches, etc. who are leaders in their field and are like-minded in the vision.
We are aware that the principle and goal of "Aim Mind Training Inc." must also make business sense. So, we incorporated a comprehensive analytical process of monetization in our infrastructure to fairly reward every contribution to the "Aim Mind Training Inc" Ecosystem.
The concept of partnership between "Aim Mind Training Inc" and the individuals who are participating as education and service providers is one of the critical components of the design. We believe in growing together as a team of like-minded professionals who believe in the tangible and intangible benefits of giving back to society.
It is an honour to be partnered with SportMedBC. We welcome all the coaches, mentors, and health professionals who would like to join us to jointly provide the highest quality of performance and health education that will be available to the athletes anywhere.
To learn more please visit the AIM Mind Training website.
Kris Beech, MSc
President & CEO

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