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SportMedBC has just launched a downloadable, printable version of their popular SportMed RunWalk training programs – LearnToRun10K, Run10KFaster, Walk10K and Nordic Walk10K.  The design of these resources allow users to flip through the pages on their mobile device – iPhone, Blackberry etc. making them ultimately accessible and user friendly.

Each training program is 13 weeks long and provides three detailed workouts for each week along with a weekly coaching tip by Olympian Lynn Kanuka, SportMedBC’s RunWalk Coach.

Driven by the mission of “Promoting sport health on the strength of the best people, best practices and best programs in Sport Medicine, Sport Science and Sport Training”, it is natural that SportMedBC reflect that in all of its programs. This is particularly true of the SportMed RunWalk programs, which carry the promotion of sport health is at their very core.

Regarded as the best in their class, the SportMed RunWalk programs have been developed by Canada’s leading expertise in Sport Medicine and built on the most advanced applied expertise in Sport Science. The result is a comprehensive, proven approach to Sport Training, spanning everything from injury prevention and injury treatment for beginning runners and walkers to proper shoes and equipment to sport nutrition.

SportMedBC President and CEO Lynda Cannell says “SportMed RunWalk programs have helped thousands of people get up off the coach and become life-long walkers and runners. Each training program provides a balanced, tried and true method of safely and gradually working up to a 10K distance over a 13 week period. Anyone can be successful by following our programs.”

SportMed RunWalk training programs are available for sale in the SportMed shop at www.sportmedbc.com.

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