Dr. Jack Taunton with the latest from his Beijing experiences

Just in from long period in the Doping Control Station at the Mountain Biking venue. It has been very hot and humid and a number of riders have succumbed to the heat. A leading Swiss rider collapsed with heat stroke and was taken to the Village Polyclinic. He is doing better according to their Team Physician who was spending a long time with seven very dehydrated athletes. The Chinese had excellent medical plans around the mountain bike course, which are very close to our plans at the 2010 Nordic Centre. The only difference is that we will be prepared for hypothermia rather than heat stroke. Other world class facilities included the Velodrome and the BMX park. The mountain bike venue was fully designed down to insertion of rocks and ruts. This has all been a great learning experience for the VANOC medical and Anti Doping Teams. It is great to have the men’s Marathon in the early morning, which is a welcomed scheduling change from past Olympics. Its all about planning which is where I am heading for a few more meetings and then I am off to be amazed at the Closing Ceremonies. VANOC’s Coordinator of Ambulance Services was out yesterday reviewing the Emergency coverage for the Closing Ceremonies rehearsal after the devastating injury that occurred to a performer in the rehearsal for the Opening Ceremonies. We need to be prepared for these gala events plus provide coverage for the media, spectators, Olympic Family, workforce as well as the athletes. Vancouver will be prepared. Great to see Canada close with a number of medals and excellent performances
Cheers Jack Taunton, 2010 Chief Medical Officer

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