Dr. Jack Taunton: On Venue Safety

 Preparation and Practice is Key to Venue Safety
There was some rain today, so the air was cooler and much easier to breath on my long run, which I managed to get in after my game coverage and anti-doping supervision. I have been busy today at the basketball venue supervising the set up and readiness of their emergency protocols. This venue is NBA quality, right down to the cheerleaders and mascots – just like the old days of the Vancouver Grizzlies!  It is so important that venue volunteers are familiar with, and practice, the established emergency protocols. Something as simple as ensuring the timely availability of the key to locked cupboards that store the emergency equipment is essential. You also have to be flexible enough to change your plan if you find on practice that it isn’t working optimally. This might include adjusting the location of a stretcher or an ambulance.

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