Dr. Jack Taunton: On The Olympic Village Polyclinic

The Olympic Village Polyclinic is staffed by two hundred doctors and more than 400 other medical personnel from 41 local hospitals. A wide range of services is available including emergency care, internal medicine, dental, psychological, physiotherapy, massage therapy and traditional Chinese medicine. There are also sponsored services available such as a vision care program supported by Johnson and Johnson. Most larger countries bring their own health care team – Canada has practitioners on-site in Beijing – and set up their own comprehensive clinics within their designated areas in the Athlete Village. They treat only their own athletes and refer to the Polyclinic for specific needs. Smaller countries generally rely almost exclusively on the Polyclinic for their health care services, while Canada, for example, utilizes the Imaging Centre, Laboratory Services, Pharmacy and Specialized Clinics such as dental. The Polyclinic is also hosting educational seminars – I am presenting today on Shock Wave Therapy Treatment for Patellar Tendonopathy. These seminars are excellent opportunities for medical team members from around the world to share ideas and learn from one another.

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