Dr. Jack Taunton on seeing Yao vs Kobe and more


The clash between the Yao Ming led Chinese Basketball Team and the Kobe Bryant led US Team brought out George Bush and his entourage. Traffic was at a standstill for miles around the venue and once at the venue there were long line ups and very thorough “mag and bag” security which made for a very difficult day for everyone. Once inside, with the game underway, China started out shooting 100 percent from 3 point land and Yao Ming successfully protected his basket. It took some time for the NBA style of team work – 2 on 1’s and better guarding on outside shooters – and the US finally dominated the last quarter.
In the game before this one, one of the half time performers fell and suffered a compression fracture of T7. Thanks to the quick work of my partners and FIBA physicians, the performer was immobilized and transported without incident to the hospital. It is a reminder that you are never off duty and the host medical personnel must be ready to move into action.
Later today, I am off to the rowing venue to see Mike Wilkinson and Don McKenzie, who is the with Kayak and Canoe team. They have a world class facility, but have to fight back the weeds each day. (The same challenge that has taken over our Burnaby Lake, which hopefully will be remedied with the injection of the last required funding from the federal government).
When you travel afar, I am reminded daily of the real benefit of SportMedBC. Integrating services from the network of practitioners and training on-site medical personnel to respond to emergencies on the fields, in the gymnasia, etc. should never be taken for granted. Being prepared and preparing the team for the unexpected is vital and something that I will be reinforcing with all Venue Managers for the 2010 Games.
All for now.

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