Dr. Jack Taunton involved in cutting edge ultrasound technology for elite athletes and the general public


The Vancouver Sun’s Jeff Lee wrote Monday on General Electric’s LOGIQ ultrasound machines in use in Beijing today. Dr. Jack Taunton began using the LOGIQ machines in 2006 and plans to have them as part of VANOC’s medical repetoire during the 2010 Games – not just for athletes but for Games workers as well. Says Taunton in the article:

“We are using it in an injury setting. These are elite athletes and weekend warriors who have been out of commission for six months and had failure to respond to conservative treatment. Now we’re sending them for a new treatment modality,” he said.

By using the ultrasound to identify “dead zones” and troublesome pain-generators in the injured areas, Taunton has been able to repair the tendons with remarkable success.

“With the advent of this high-resolution ultrasound we can now repair those micro-tears. We’ve now got 85 per cent of those elite athletes back running,” he said.

Read the full article here.

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