Deanna Schick: On the Opening Ceremonies



I’ve been sitting here pondering how I will write about the Opening Ceremonies… It’s not easy putting it to words. 

I’ve been involved in other games before and I have marched for my country, but I am a rookie at the Paralympics. These Games are certainly the largest I have attended and marching into a stadium filled with 91,000 people cheering is amazing, breathtaking, awe inspiring, motivating, humbling, awesome, overwhelming, extraordinary… Especially surrounded by the a group of awe inspiring, devoted, passionate, talented (I could go on and on…) fellow Canadians.

And I won’t write about the details of the ceremony. You can buy the DVD if you didn’t catch it already. 

By the way, it has occurred to me more and more often while here that February 2010 is really not that far away. Make sure you get your volunteer applications done (ASAP) and your tickets (eventually). The Olympics/Paralympics are to be experienced and not just spectated!

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