Deanna Schick on a Typical Day in Beijing



It has occurred to me that my blogs so far have been only about the ‘fun stuff’ and outings I’ve done. I didn’t think you would all want to hear about the ‘work’ part. I say ‘work’ because for me it’s all pretty fun and I thoroughly enjoy helping these athletes… But it has occurred to me that you might want to hear what a ‘typical day’ in the life entails.

Yesterday I got about around 7:30, had breakfast and did a clinic shift from 8-11:00am. There I did a few treatments, but it was pretty quiet so I also managed to catch up on my charting paperwork. The fours rowing team had two sessions on the water, so they left the village at 9:30am. I caught an 11:00am shuttle so that I could be there when they finished that session (it takes nearly an hour to get to Shinyu). I treated three of them in the break between the next training session at 3:00 and also had some lunch with the team. The rest of the team arrived at about 2:00. It was quiet today while they were on the water, so I strolled down the water and took some pictures. Around 4:00 the athletes started to get out of the water. I helped them with that, weighins, got ice, etc. We caught the next shuttle back to the Village, arriving just before 6:00. I then treated a few of them in the clinic until 8:00.

Last night we closed the clinic a bit earlier than usual and had a dinner out with the medical team (well, most of us; one doctor stayed back to man the fort and two arrived late). We went to a wonderful Japanese restaurant near the Olympic Green (yes, I know we’re in China eating Japanese food!). It was a time where we could just get away for a bit and enjoy socializing with each other. When competitions start, things crank into even higher gear, so we wanted to take the opportunity while we still could. We arrived back at about 11:00 and then had a brief medical meeting.

So that was my day -long… and I was pretty tired at midnight when I fell into bed. But only one more sleep until the opening ceremonies!!

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