Dana Lis on Healthy Breakfasts

Would you start you car in the morning without any gas? Then why start your body on empty or ¼ full? Eating a good breakfast is important because it can kick start your metabolism and help control appetite and cravings. Eating too few carbohydrates – or skipping breakfast – can trigger cravings, especially in the afternoon and evening. On the training front, fueling your body regularly throughout the day, starting with breakfast, is especially important to ensure that you have the energy stores available for your training.

What your healthy breakfast should include:
from whole grains: Avoid refined or processed carbohydrates such as white bread, refined and sugary cereals, and pastries. These cause large spikes in blood sugar, may trigger hunger sooner, and inhibit the breakdown of body fat. 
Fibre: Aim for at least 5 grams of fibre from fresh or frozen fruit and whole grains. 
Protein: Protein and fibre slow digestion and help keep you feeling full for longer after eating. Include at least one protein-rich food at breakfast such as yogurt, milk, soy beverage, egg whites, turkey, lean turkey sausage, or salmon. 
Don’t forget the water: Aim for at least 2 cups at the start of your day.

Breakfast menus to try:

  • Whole wheat toast, almond butter, yogurt and mixed berries
  • Steel cut oats, vanilla soy milk, blueberries, flax seeds
  • Whole wheat English muffin, egg, veggie bacon, orange
  • Smoothie: low fat yogurt, frozen banana, milk, flax oil

This week…
Don’t hit that snooze button for the third time, get up and mix up a flavoured filled energizing breakfast.  Check out some tasty mix-and-go smoothie recipes here

Dana Lis, Sport Dietitian

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