Dana Lis Blogs on Training Day Nutition

Training your nutrition is just as important as training your running or walking.  Gastrointestinal problems or low energy can ruin your run- you don’t have time in your training for that! This week train your race day nutrition and figure out what food combinations are best to fuel YOU for a successful race day!

Carbohydrate loading is important to provide your body the extra energy stores it may need for race day, however, it is not essential to carb load like a marathon runner. Eating adequate carbohydrate each day, a high carbohydrate dinner the night before, and taking in proper pre-exercise fuels will provide you with the extra energy stores you need. Click here to find out more about fueling with carbohydrate daily for training.

Here are some guidelines:

Pre-training meal or snack 1-2 hrs before
Easily digestible, high carbohydrate, moderate protein and low fat are key.

During training
Drink water, 3-4 large gulps every 15-20 minutes.

Post-training within 1 hour
High carbohydrate, moderate protein and 3 cups of fluids are important for optimal recovery.

Here is an example menu for a 10 am Saturday morning training run:
Friday dinner: 1 Salmon Fillet with grilled vegetables, 1-2 cups brown rice, 1 whole wheat dinner roll, 1 cup milk, 2 cups water.
Evening snack: 1 cup blueberries with ½ cup low sugar granola and yogurt.
Saturday pre-training breakfast 8 am:  smoothie with banana, fruit yogurt, milk + 2 cups water
During run: 3-4 gulps of water every 15-20 minutes
Post-run: 1 whole wheat bagel with peanut butter, yogurt + 3 cups water

Take time this week to find out what fuels you best. Try various food combinations for your pre-training nutrition. Some runners or walkers may have a hard time taking in solid food before training; a liquid meal replacement or smoothie are good options for getting in these important fuels.

Personally, I am a fan vanilla and blueberry smoothies before my Saturday morning training. More ideas can be found here.

Dana Lis, RD

Sport Dietitian, SportMedBC

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